How do I choose the right kind of funeral?

Our task is to help create a ceremony which gives full value and importance to the wishes and beliefs of the family and the deceased. You will receive advice and support through these decisions and, naturally, you have time to consider the options.

The right kind of funeral ceremony?

The funeral ceremony can take many forms, from a simple family gathering to a full service in a place of worship.Whether you are considering a religious funeral or a non-religious ceremony, we are fully experienced and will be able to guide you through the many options available and put you in touch with the appropriate officiant to discuss the ceremony.

The right funeral venue?

The venue may depend upon several factors.

  • The type of funeral ceremony requested.
  • The numbers expected to attend.
  • Geographical location of family and the deceased’s address.
  • Preference for religious or non-religious ceremony.

Again, we are experienced in assisting with the options available to meet your needs and expectations.