What music can we play at the funeral?

These days the personal choice of appropriate music can be very important. We will be able to advise you on the various options available and also help with any additional equipment required. Local Crematoria have different facilities for playing pre-recorded music from your own collection or downloaded music from their own system. Please discuss this with your Funeral Director who will be aware of local arrangements.

It is essential that any recorded music is discussed and agreed at least 72 hours in advance of a funeral. This will ensure that there is plenty of time for delivery, downloading or rehearsal and may avoid disappointment if something is handed to the Funeral Director at the last minute.

Basingstoke CrematoriumWessex Vale Crematorium and Southampton Crematorium use the Wesley Music System. Each Crematoria have their own standard list, but Wesley Music are able to source the vast majority of recorded music, if given sufficient time and as much detail as possible..

If the service is in church we may need to obtain permission from the incumbent before certain music can be played.