• Michael
  • 21/03/2024
  • News

All businesses need to change and adapt overtime depending on their customers’ needs and the ever-changing environment. Due to changes in legislation, registration of death procedures and bereaved family’s preferences, arrangements are taking longer to arrange from time of death until the funeral service. At A.H. Cheater we understand these changes and have decided to improve our facilities to ensure we are ready to embrace these challenges and allow us to continue to provide excellent facilities for our families.

We are currently undergoing some building works to extend our mortuary and workshop facilities. This will provide us with an increased cold storage facility, a separate specialized workshop area, and a larger modern private chapel of rest. The team started in November 2023 and even though the weather has been poor, we are delighted with the progress.

To allow space for the extension we have had to use some of our beloved garden (we found this difficult to see), which over the years we have made into a beautiful and calm setting. It will be exciting to repurpose some of the garden to create a new space appropriate for our visitors.

Now that all the external walls have been completed, the builders are busy fitting the roof and canopy structure, which will match our current features. We are now hoping for a prolonged period of better weather, so that we can complete the works in March 2024!

We have always been proud of our excellent facilities and are lucky that we are able to offer space and dignity to families at such a difficult time. We are delighted that we have taken these steps to improve further and look forward to showing the community these changes soon.

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