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  • 26/10/2023
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In last month’s blog post we spoke about the financial burden of funeral costs and how they can turn an already painful experience into an unbearable one.

A budget friendly option mentioned was a direct cremation. What is a direct cremation? A direct cremation is an unattended or ‘no service’ funeral. The person who has died is taken away from their place of death, cremated without any ceremony or mourners present, and their ashes are returned to the next of kin, if requested.

Local funeral directors have been providing simple, unattended cremations for years, but recently there has been much media attention given to this type of service, with newly created national companies advertising direct cremations as ‘no-fuss’ funerals without ‘the hard bit’.

The ‘hard bit’ as these companies put it, is the sadness that comes with saying goodbye and what they dismiss as ‘fuss’ in their advertising, is also known as ‘love’.

Even the simplest, unattended cremation can still be full of love and personalised with special touches that help the bereaved family to say goodbye – whilst still respecting the wishes of the person who has died.

If you are considering a direct cremation funeral plan, talk to us and your family about it. Our experienced team will help and support those who are closest to you to say goodbye when the time comes, in the way that is right for them, as well as respecting your wish for a simple funeral.

If a direct cremation is your choice, why choose A.H Cheater:

  • The person who has died is cared for locally
  • They are treated with dignity and compassion, by experienced professionals
  • You can talk to caring funeral arrangers about the arrangements and ask any questions
  • There are opportunities to personalise the arrangements, sometimes at additional cost, to make the unattended cremation special
  • If there is a change of heart, you can alter and amend almost any aspect of the arrangements

There is only ever one chance to say goodbye and we are here to support you in making the right choices for you and those you are closest to.

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