Funeral Plans

Many people consider it expedient to make funeral arrangements for themselves, or someone close to them, in advance. We are happy to discuss your wishes and are able to retain confidential files on individual requirements. These discussions can be as comprehensive as you desire.

It is also possible to pay in advance for funeral arrangements. We offer the choice of set prearranged plans or a personally tailored service to suit your individual requirements. Unless your family change these wishes on your death, the Funeral Directors fees are paid and no further payment will be required.

The contribution you make towards the Disbursements (ie the cemetery, crematorium, church fees etc) will rise with the value of the plan.

Advantages of Funeral Planning

  • You choose your own funeral arrangements.
  • You save your family from having to make difficult decisions and from a possible financial burden.
  • There are no age limits or health restrictions.
  • Our fees are guaranteed with the disbursements rising in line with the plan value.
  • Payment can be made by either convenient monthly instalments or by a lump sum.
  • You select your preferred Funeral Director with a reputation for quality family care.
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