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Following a bereavement there are many tasks you must consider. Many decisions go into arranging a funeral and it can be overwhelming to consider all the products and options available to you. Increasingly, families are choosing to remember their loved ones by choosing to create a lasting piece of Jewellery. At A.H. Cheater Funeral Directors, we understand the importance of ensuring that families are aware of all the options available to them, making these difficult decisions clearer. Read our advice below on what is available.


Memorial Jewellery is a way of remembering someone close to you, who has passed away. It can be a specially designed pendant, ring, or bracelet that helps keep a loved one close. These items can bring great comfort to the wearer. Jewellery can be made from the deceased’s ashes, fingerprints or even contain a small image of the person.


Clearly personalization is important for these items and luckily there are lots of different options to choose from. 

Cremation Jewellery – Memorial Jewellery using this method is often made using two methods. Items can be designed to contain a small portion of your loved one’s ashes embedded within them. Alternatively, some companies can make a unique diamond created from the ashes, which is then set into your chosen piece. Only a small portion of ashes are required to make these items and what is left over is always returned.

Fingerprint Jewellery – Using carefully captured fingerprints, Jewellery can be created by engraving the print deep into the surface of the metal. This creates a personal memorial of the deceased. At A.H. Cheater we will always capture your loved one’s fingerprint, so that this opportunity can’t be forgotten, as we appreciate these things are not always thought about at the time.


At A.H. Cheater we will always make you aware that these options are available and provide the information you need to make an informed decision. We work closely with a couple of carefully selected suppliers, but families can use any jeweler they wish to use. We recommend that you always contact us so that we can discuss this fully with you, so that you can create a lasting memory to treasure.

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