Would you announce the death of a loved one on social media?
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  • 19/05/2023
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A survey conducted by OnePoll revealed that 26% of Over 50s would announce the death of a loved one on social media.

While the majority of respondents said they wouldn’t announce the death of a loved one over social media (56%), more than a quarter (26%) revealed they would. The final 18% were unsure. (*1)

26% of those that answered positively went on to say that they would also be likely to share funeral details, such as time and place, with family and friends over social media. 

Announcing the death of a loved one on social media elicits a mix of emotions within people. Some find it as a therapeutic outlet, allowing them to share their pain and receive support from a wider circle of friends and acquaintances. 

It can be a way to honor the memory of the departed and express their grief openly. However, others may feel discomfort or find it impersonal, preferring more intimate means of communication for such news. 

Michael Peace, Managing Director at A.H. Cheater Funeral Directors feels that traditions on how someone’s death is announced are gradually changing. 

“Traditionally the community would have found out about a death of a resident in the local paper, through word of mouth or via letter. As technology has moved on in the world, so has the funeral industry, and we are definitely seeing clients take up the opportunity to share funeral details via social media or digitally. 

We set up a tribute page in memory of a deceased, where all the relevant details of the funeral are displayed and can be shared easily and quickly on social media. Families are finding it really helpful”

In 2023 older people are now more active on social media than ever before. 

According to Ofcom, (*2) 64% of all adults aged 45-54 and 51% aged 55-64 now use social media. This compares with 64% of all adults and 99% of 16-24 year olds. The biggest change can be seen in people aged 65-plus, where usage has increased to 35%, from just 2% in 2010, according to PEW. 

*1 OnePoll research of 1,000 residents aged 50 and above, on behalf of Ecclesiastical Planning Services October 2022. 

*2 https://rhcadvantage.co.uk/

Ultimately, individual feelings towards sharing such personal information on social media vary greatly, influenced by cultural norms and personal preferences. However you choose to announce the news we will be here to support you.

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