What about the ashes?

There are various options regarding the final resting place for the ashes of the deceased.

These include:

  • The crematorium garden of remembrance, which can include an entry in the Book of Remembrance or other memorialisation.
  • Burial in a churchyard or cemetery, either locally or nationally, in a new grave or existing family plot.
  • A private scattering if there is a special place that is appropriate.
  • Other options include a woodland burial or burial at sea.

Whatever your final decision you will be given time to consider all the options. You may wish us to hold the ashes until you have decided, although we reserve the right to scatter them after a year if no other instructions have been received. We have a large selection of suitable caskets and urns for the ashes, including memento and miniature urns for keepsakes. Please ask us for full details.

Memorial jewellery is also becoming a very popular way of keeping our loved ones close. Please find links to our recommended jewellery providers on our Useful Links page.