May I see the deceased before the funeral?

Yes, of course. Families may like the opportunity to visit the Chapel of Rest and our staff will always discuss the matter beforehand if you are uncertain. Only occasionally may our professional opinion be that this is inadvisable. We will accompany you into the Chapel if you are concerned about this visit.

Our beautifully appointed private Chapels of Rest are open by appointment.Photographs, letters or other small personal items can be brought to the chapel and placed in the coffin but you should discuss this with your Funeral Director to ensure that there are no restrictions at the Crematorium.

How is the deceased cared for?

After the removal from the place of death the deceased is cared for at our premises prior to being placed in the chosen coffin for viewing in readiness for the funeral. The deceased may be dressed in a gown provided by us or clothing provided by the family (please note that some crematoria have restrictions about personal clothing).

We recommend the provision of hygienic treatment for the deceased where families are planning to visit the Chapel of Rest or where there may be a lengthy period between the death and the funeral. Hygienic treatment is carried out by qualified staff and enhances the presentation and preservation of the deceased. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this procedure.